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iJobo 2.1

iJobo 2.1: iJobo records and analyzes your employees’ performance controlling each employee`s click. The program records and analyses your employees’ performance in different projects or areas at which they are working, always with the authorization of the employee. Get acquainted with the real working time of your team automatically. Find out how your employees spend their unproductive time. Monitor all the programs and web sites they use to develop their projects. Check the intensity with which each employee

ITWorkTimer 1.1: Keep your money by getting the control on how your employees spend work time
ITWorkTimer 1.1

employees worktime and makes screenshots of employees` screens to confirm that the time has been spent actually working. It allows you to see what your employees were doing even without the need to always look behind their shoulder. ITWorkTimer calculates total work time for each employee and lets you to calculate the salary based on individual hour rate. Obviously, using ITWorkTimer in your office will allow you to finally get the full control on

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Activity Monitoring Software 10.02.02: Activity monitoring software is a best solution to observe employee’s activiti
Activity Monitoring Software 10.02.02

control to its users and record or log everything that your employees do – right from keystrokes that employee typed along with the website visited, chatting, employee emails and screenshots. Employee Desktop Live Viewer also allows you to perform administrative tasks remotely on target computers being monitored such as shutting down the computer, rebooting, locking or starting the screensaver and removing the wallpaper present in Desktop. What

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Spy Software 13.02.01: Keep an eye on employee desktop activities by using spyware tool
Spy Software 13.02.01

employees can be done with Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool. This spy software ensures full control over monitored computers and helps in improving the productivity of an organization. In addition, it helps in preventing any information leakage, misuse of internet, fraudulent activities, and other employee sabotages. In fact, this PC monitoring software helps in knowing what employees are doing on their systems during office hours. It is usually

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AggreGate Time and Attendance 4.43.00: AggreGate Time and Attendance is a corporate employee attendance tracking system
AggreGate Time and Attendance 4.43.00

control standards of different countries. Advanced multi-level organization structure and employee management along with different types of shifts allow providing a centralized attendance control for large organizations with multiple branches and departments. Scalable system architecture is designed to perform well for installations with thousands of employees and hundreds of entrance gates. AggreGate Time and Attendance includes a set of built-in

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Employee Health Benefits 1.0: Easy to use Internet Explorer toolbar for employee health benefits.
Employee Health Benefits 1.0

employee health benefits. Helps in finding useful information and resources like blogs and websites for people needing help in understanding employee health benefits. After you install, you will able to quickly learn what to expect in terms of medical health benefits as an employee. This is possible with the aid of the favorites facility of the toolbar. The employee health benefits system is a mystery to many people. Read and learn from the articles

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SurveilStar 3.27.233: PC monitoring, employee monitoring software that improves productivity
SurveilStar 3.27.233

control. Whatever you can monitor, you can control it. You can control certain computer`s access to websites, filter outgoing files via IM, block email attachment, disable movable device drive, cancel unauthorized file sharing, prevent changing system configurations, and many more. You can even lock the target computer if potential sabotage is out there. Stealth mode, all-around records and reports, real-time multi-screen snapshot monitoring, dynamic

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